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T-CrossVolkswagen T-Cross. The smallest crossover of the German company will arrive on the market in April, with a launch price of fewer than 18,000 Euros.

Take the front of a Touareg, the rear of a Cayenne and the side of a Tiguan, then mix well and stretch it all on a compact body, only four meters long and ten and you will have the new Volkswagen T-Cross. It is the smallest crossover of the Wolfsburg range, the one that will go to the attack of the super competitive B-SUV segment and will do so from April next year with a starting price of fewer than 18,000 Euros.

The German brand is almost the last in this segment, even surpassed “at home” by Seat Arona, but it does so with a product that has all the credentials to become a best-seller on the European market. We came to Amsterdam to find out during the world premiere presentation event, which was also attended by Cara Delevingne. The presence of one of the most famous influencers says a lot about the will of Volkswagen to place this car as a cool car, suitable for young people and perfectly inserted in its time, certainly far from the image of Teutonic precision (but also coldness) typical of most of its sisters.

The aesthetic considerations are always subjective, but the T-Cross has a line that seems to be successful and that will not like the drivers of the Old Continent. The engines are the right ones: the 1.0 TSI 3-cylinder petrol engine with 95 or 115 hp and the 1.6 TDI with 95 hp. For now, there is no natural gas engine, but the MQB platform, even in this declination A0, supports it safely, so it is not said that it does not arrive in the future.

In the meantime, those who choose the T-Cross will be able to enjoy an interior volume at the top of the segment, both in terms of space in the passenger compartment and of the capacity of the boot. Four adults, even of generous size, travel comfortably and the 14 cm sliding rear bench allows privileging from time to time passengers or luggage, which in any case have at least 385 liters available. In terms of style, the dashboard resumes the setting of the Polo and the Touareg, even though here there is not the spectacular double-format display of the Wolfsburg flagship.

However, the infotainment display made of glass, similar to that of the T-Roc, makes a good impression and brings the overall quality level of the T-Cross to touch that of the upper segment. Also in terms of content and connectivity, the system behind the high sensitivity touch screen is unlikely rivals, as it includes all the latest communication protocols, starting from Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. But the T-Cross is at the top of its segment also in terms of safety.

A range of driver assistance systems is standard on all models and features, including automatic emergency braking, lane maintenance, and blind spot warning. In short, the smallest of the crossovers of Wolfsburg is a car at the forefront from the technical point of view but also from the “character”, as it is also designed for a young audience who loves the personalization

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