Test & Consumption Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDi EcoDynamics +


We drove the Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDi EcoDynamics + and were thrilled with the Diesel. Mild hybrid: unlike a classic hybrid you never have to do without the power of 185 hp and 400 Nm of torque. A starter- generator / electric motor supports permanently and brings in conjunction with the 8-speed automatic the best of the 2-liter diesel. When coasting or when braking is recuperated and charged a battery in the rear of the vehicle.

Driving feeling: Can you feel the mild hybrid drive?

Although the Sportage in this variant weighs about 1.8 tons. You get really good with the 185 hp diesel. He is never boring, always has enough power and makes for our taste, especially with the 8-speed automatic (converter) really fun. If one feels the feel drive at all, then in the form of the somewhat shorter Ausroll phases. If you neither accelerate nor slow down, the Sportage comes to a standstill faster. Because in this situation the battery is charged in the rear of the vehicle. In addition, the engine shuts down in the context of the known start/stop function. For example, when rolling back to a traffic light (with the foot on the brake) even at speeds from about 30 km / h. This bothers a bit, but you could disable it with the usual start/stop button.

Chassis & Consumption

In the GT line, we drive, however, the chassis is not noticeably firmer or sportier. Sportage is still dominated by comfort. The came to us especially in a 300-kilometer highway ride with permanently snowed snow cover benefit. But probably it would have done the front-wheel drive but just as alone. We did not reset the average consumption of our test car over 6,000 kilometers and had a consumption of 8.2 liters on the clock after our 2-week test (with approx. 2,000 kilometers).

But beware: We were often (very) fast on the highway and have not often paid attention to an efficient driving style. Kia gives a consumption of 6.2 liters. Certainly, you can reach at least 7-7.5 liters in a forward-looking driving style than in our case.

Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDi EcoDynamics + with an 8-speed automatic in the video driving report

0:55 GT-Line peculiarities
3:00 Intuitive cockpit
5:00 driving impression mild hybrid
10:08 consumption

Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDi EcoDynamics + GT-Line 
Power / torque136 kW (185 hp) / 400 Nm
Transmission:8-speed automatic
Drive:Variable four-wheel drive
0-100 km / h:9.5 seconds
Top speed:201 km / h
tareabout 1,800 kg
Consumption indicated6.2 liters / 100 Km
emission standardEuro 6d temp
Trunk volume (min./max.)439 / 1,428 l
Test car pricefrom 45.660 €

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