Porsche will produce four more 911 GT2 RSs

porsche 911gt2 rs

Porsche said it would produce four more copies of the 911 GT2 RS whose production had ceased in February 2019. An event was quite exceptional in the history of the brand .

And this is a case of force majeure which led Porsche to make this extremely rare if not unique decision. By a personal letter addressed to some customers, the brand has thus announced bad news and a good one!

Indeed, the 4 copies of GT2 RS missing on the call unfortunately died in the middle of the Atlantic during the fire of the Italian freighter Grande America, leading to its total sinking on March 12 off our coast. On board were some 2,000 cars en route from Hamburg to Santos in Brazil. Porsche Brasil would have confirmed on this occasion that 37 cars were on board the ship, including these 4 famous 991 GT2 RS … 

Given the nature of the situation and the fact that they are loyal customers of the brand. Porsche has decided to revive a micro-production of the GT2 RS in Germany to satisfy these buyers. Additional vehicles will be manufactured during April in the order in which they were originally confirmed.

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