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Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 type 993 is one of the elected representatives of Stuttgart in my personal pantheon which does not understand much of it. Do not look too far for the reasons. They are essentially stylistic. Yes, the 993 is (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful Porsche 911 ever drawn (see also: Porsche 911 “993”). Many of you will not agree, but what do you want! We see a classy and timeless in its standard version. And, also see a beastly and muscular in its Turbo version. Then, it becomes amazing and disturbing in its rare livery GT, derived from GT2 competition, which interests us today.

Engines6 cylinders flat
Displacement3600 cc
FoodElectronic management, 2 turbochargers
Power430 hp then 450 (AM98)
Couple59.6 mkg at 4500 rpm
Driving wheelsPropulsion
GearboxManual 6-speed
Wheels / Tires
Pneumatic235/40 R18 - 285/35 R18
Length4240 mm
Width1790 mm
Height1270 mm
Unloaded weight1175 kg
Max speed300 km / h
Production57 copies (1995-1997)
Average Rating 2018800 000 Euros

gt2The most astonishing thing about the Porsche 911 “993” GT is to see how Porsche went from a beautiful design (from English to Tony Hatter), almost flawless, to this funny bird riveted everywhere and the fin “so tuning”, without being disturbed! This is undoubtedly proof of the perfection of the model: even unsightly elements do not take away his sex appeal. Worse, despite a total and definitive dislike for tuning, we end up finding him a certain charm to the point of finding it desirable.

Looking at this strange model produced in very small quantities between 1995 and 1997 (57 copies, it’s really not much). I wonder what makes that despite the extreme appendages. I find it to my taste: me who hate things too showy, towering fins, wing extensions. So, I try to understand what attracts me. Suddenly, an even rarer contemporary comes to mind: the Venturi 400 GT. It also fills extensions that I would have found horrible elsewhere, denaturing the superb line of its base so successful style (also read: Venturi 260). But the 400 GT, like the 993 GT, represents a whole era. And, where endurance became the prerogative of the GT precisely. And, where even industrial companies like Porsche, of a dimension other than Venturi, kept a little artisanal side, especially for products intended for approval!

This is also the main reason for the existence of the Porsche 911 GT in the catalog. To engage the 993 in the GT2 championship, it was necessary to produce a series of at least 25 copies of a road version. The Carrere RS had already hit hard on the wing. But, the GT2 competition directly inspires the GT by incorporating wing extension. After making it, it looks like a cross with a 930. For the occasion, Porsche decided to stay so close to the competition. And, these extensions did not even take the precaution of hiding the rivets of grip.

Unless this is the stroke of marketing genius, the one that makes it so desirable. Keeping that raw, efficient side, Porsche managed to stick to the model. And, move away from the bad taste of tuning. In fact, if the look is important, it does not matter the bottle as long as you have drunkenness. And the technical sheet of this machine made salivate the young adult that I was at the time. Realize: a flat 6 of 3.6 liters, increased to 430 horses (worn for the vintage 98 to 450 horses) thanks to two turbos (among others), with only 2 driving wheels!

Of course, today, such power may seem ridiculous. Especially, for what we could almost call a super car. But at the time, there were not many who could claim more than 400 horses. Especially for the GT, this increase in power was accompanied by a weight loss with only 1175 kg on the scale! The maximum speed then passed the bar of 300 km / h, a performance quite respectable at the time.

The downside, such a machine, supposed to be available only 25 copies, was trading for the modest sum of 506 000 DM, about 1.7 million francs! Despite this, 57 GTs (often called GT2, like their race sisters) were sold, mostly (44) in right-hand driving. it is not bad for a car with comfort and limited use. But an excellent investment since, today, it is trading between 800 000 and 900 000 Euros. Reserved at the time to the “happy few”, it has remained today. But, if you have the means, do not hesitate!


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