Fiat 500x 2018


Fiat 500x 2018. The Turin compact crossover updates and receives the new 1.0 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine.

Since its inception in 2014, the 500X has been a very important model for the FCA Group, both from a commercial and an industrial point of view. On the one hand, there was the need to better control the compact crossover market, on the other hand, to revive the Melfi plant – with the standards of the World Class Manufacturing – where the Jeep Renegade is also produced, based on the same technical base. The 500X, however, is a 100% crossover. A transversal car, able to go through the classic segments of the market and to attract drivers from different backgrounds. That’s why there are three settings: Urban, Cross and City Cross, with the addition of the Business designed for corporate fleets.

The 500X, in any case, is positioned as a near-premium product but with a generalist price. Translated from the language of marketing it means that it wants to offer a quality superior to the average of the competitors but without affecting too much on the price list.

A delicate mission, for which the updates are fundamental and in fact, four years after the launch, the Fiat crossover has been renewed. The aesthetics are the same as always, with the new front and rear headlamps that add a touch of hi-tech, while the real novelties are under the hood and in the infotainment system.

Going on board you discover an interior that satisfies the view and you experience a comfortable and contained driving position at the right point. The seat adjustments have ample range and you are not sitting too high up. Only those who sit behind are not always very comfortable, a bit ‘for the descending form of the pavilion, but especially if those who sit in front with the seat back. In fact, this is not an SUV and a certain dynamic character is also found in the street behavior, with a sustained structure but capable of absorbing the disconnections.

In the city gear the variable assistance steering and the lightness of the commands are appreciated and, although in this version there is not the Drive Mood Selector, you do not miss it. This is because the new 1.0 3-cylinder turbo FireFly120 bhp behaves well in all situations. Its strength is the torque at the mid-range, which allows you to always use rather high gears containing fuel consumption. But even if the gas pedal sinks in search of performance, the small global FCA engine responds to this.

It is only necessary to take into account a certain demand for gasoline. Speaking instead of technological equipment, the 500X does not miss anything. There are adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, the assistant for involuntary lane changes and blind spot monitoring. Finally, in the middle of the dashboard is the touch display of the Uconnect infotainment system, which in this latest version integrates Tom Tom’s live services, internet connection and full compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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