Concept piech mark zero


In the Piech family the car is a vocation. Thus it is the turn of the son of Ferdinand to take over by creating his own car business, like his ancestors of the Porsche family. The brand will unveil in Geneva its first vehicle called Mark Zero Concept.

It’s no surprise when you’re familiar with the family passion, a two-seater Front engined Coupe sports car that was designed. The style is riding Neo-retro, pure, fluid and muscular like an Aston Martin DB9. The truncated rear is more original. It could have been carved at Zagato. The set should seduce the greatest number with both classic and modern lines.Strong family lessons, Piech has developed a modular architecture that will allow it, according to demand, to produce a sedan or SUV derived from the same technical base. In the same way, the vehicle is designed with technical subsets that can be replaced or modified according to technological developments.

Although this has not been confirmed. It is also possible that the Mark Zero is sold with a plethora of power trains through this flexible platform. But for now, the first concept will be unveiled with a fully electric engine. The specifications have not yet been published. But Piech says the Mark Zero concept will offer an electric range of about 500 km with a battery installed in the car’s transmission tunnel and on the rear axle. All weighing less than 1800 kg. We can expect performance at the height of its design …

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