BMW i4: pictures price characteristics and release date

BMW i4 2021
BMW i4 2021: specifications, prices and date of release

German automaker tackles Tesla Model 3 with four-door electric i4 sedan

BMW’s concept i Vision Dynamics at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 foreshadowed the future BMW i4 .

BMW’s response to Tesla’s Model 3 has been noted in the wild by eagle-eyed photographers. As the German automaker accelerates the development of its all-electric i4 sedan.

The four-door hatchback dubbed i4 was originally introduced as the concept i Vision Dynamics at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 (top photo) . And is expected to become the spearhead of a range of 12 electric models to its arrival in 2021.

The BMW i4 was seen for the first time as a prototype with images published by Car magazine revealing a four-door sedan body with cut-ques design elements.
Although the car looks a lot like the 4 Series Gran Coupe. The automotive magazine points out that the version ready for production of the BMW i4 will be “remarkably traditional” compared to the futuristic concept of i Vision Dynamics.

This highly camouflaged vehicle is a BMW i4, not a Serie 4 Gran Coupe. It is the fact that it displays a slightly higher driving height to accommodate the cells of the vehicle battery, says Car.

There is also a pair of exhaust pipe stickers on the rear bumper. Something that automakers have taken to trick – rarely with success – spy photographers. Who think the vehicle is equipped with an engine with combustion.

But the biggest gift of all, explains Coach is the mandatory sticker “Electric Test Vehicle” on the rear bumper of the car.

There is a good reason why the BMW i4 is similar to Series 3 and 4. Sources told the magazine that the electric car would be produced on the same production line as Series 3. Suggesting that there could be a overlap with some parts.

When will the BMW i4 be on sale?

BMW confirmed at the 2018 Paris Motor Show that the BMW i4 will go on sale in 2021. Reports the website of information on electric cars, Driving Electric .

As a result, the public unveiling of the car may not take place until at least the beginning of 2020 – perhaps at the Geneva Motor Show next year.

What will be the price of the BMW i4?

There is still some way to go until the BMW i4 is unveiled, but that has not stopped What Car ? to estimate a cost for the BMW i4.

The site thinks that the four-door electric will cost £ 55,000 (€ 63,700). Making it a more expensive car than the Tesla Model 3 at € 59,500. But less expensive than the Model S at € 90,800.

What battery will she have?

The BMW i4 range is expected to have a range of around 600 km far. More than the 400 km range of today’s electric cars.

But with the rapid acceleration of battery technology the i4’s main competitors. Such as Audi and Tesla will undoubtedly offer similar ranges on their models by the time of the launch of the electric BMW in 2021.

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